Welmedix LLC was founded by a small group of senior pharmaceutical executives as a science-driven and patient-centered company whose mission is to leverage validated skin care science and patented technologies to develop products that help people prevent and manage Fragile Skin. 

Fragile Skin is skin that has thinned and lost strength. Fragile Skin is an important health concern because when skin thins, its protective barrier is compromised, leading to increased risk of more pronounced skin dryness, skin tears, bruising and infections. Fragile skin can be much slower to heal.  Welmedix strongly believes that Fragile Skin can and should be managed on a daily and proactive basis with the right blend of skincare ingredients and products

As a family company, Welmedix is committed to putting patients before profits. Welmedix is also committed to empowering people to feel better, look better and live better by helping to bring hospital grade care to the home through scientifically validated solutions for the prevention and management of Fragile Skin. Welmedix aspires to become the leading expert and innovator in the prevention and management of Fragile Skin.


    Used for centuries to soothe and cool skin conditions like rash, eczema, psoriasis, burns and severely dry skin.


    Widely used to moisturize, smooth and soften severely dry, cracked and chapped skin. Also praised for its natural anti-aging properties.


    Known for its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to soothe sore, itchy skin affected by acne, ulcers, bedsores, rash, eczema and other skin conditions.


    Soybean oil is rich in Vitamin E, a lipid and antioxidant. It helps keep the cell membrane intact and helps the skin act as barrier to harmful radicals that can cause aging.