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Your skin is your body's first line of defense. Aging, disabilities and disease can take their toll, wearing down your skin's defenses and making it vulnerable to rash, infection and breakdown. 

Welmedix HomeCare PRO products are specially designed to help clean, protect and treat fragile skin at home. 


Everyday soap

can be harmful to fragile skin

Alcohol wipes

can sting, dry and irritate

Hand lotions

doesn't form a lasting seal


can clog pores and irritate


Daily and Proactive Prevention and Management of
Fragile Skin Starts in the Early 40’s

special care

Fragile skin is skin that is thinning, losing both strength and elasticity. Collagen, a vital protein primarily found in the dermis, the deeper and primary layer of skin, keeps the skin firm, strong and helps support skin hydration. As people age, or as they experience certain medical conditions, women and men naturally lose collagen, along with the protective fat-intensive layer beneath the skin.

Especially in women, the visible signs of Fragile Skin can begin in the forties and accelerate in the fifties as estrogen levels start falling during the peri-and post-menopause. As estrogen levels decline, the skin loses collagen and the protective inner layer of skin. According to the American Dermatological Association, studies show that the skin loses about 30% of its collagen during the first five years following menopause and that women lose about 2% of their collagen in skin every year for the next 20 years.*

As collagen in the inner layer diminishes, the manifestations of increasingly Fragile Skin become more visible i.e., skin sags, wrinkles and continues to become thinner and drier. Fragile Skin can become easily irritated, cracked and vulnerable to bruising, tearing and other painful skin damage.

Skin experts recommend that Fragile Skin can be prevented and managed by, using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and, most importantly, adopting a daily and proactive skin care routine with the right skin care products, specifically developed for preventing and managing Fragile Skin. Such a routine, rigorously practiced, can help promote healthier and more resilient skin.


special care

As experts in Fragile Skin care, Welmedix recognizes that the prevention and management of Fragile Skin requires daily and proactive care to maintain skin health and help prevent Fragile Skin-associated problems such as dry, itchy skin, pressure sores, rash, bruises, infections or skin tears.

Every Welmedix HomeCare Pro product is specially formulated with validated ingredients, along with some of nature's best healing ingredients to deeply moisturize, soothe, and help support the natural strength of the skin. Welmedix is committed to providing its customers with premium hospital grade skin care solutions to help protect and manage Fragile Skin on a daily and proactive basis.

We want you to feel better, look better and love your skin.